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KixFriction Ball - Soccer Training

$ 49.50

The KixFriction is the “OTHER” soccer ball that every player needs. This soccer training ball’s revolutionary design creates aerodynamic drag and frictional resistance. Translation, it will only go about half the normal distance when kicked in the air and will resist rolling on the ground. This makes it ideal for developing soccer skills by forcing players to strike the ball cleanly and with more power at distance, while also improving soccer foot skills when space is tight. It’s also helps build confidence chest trapping for early players.


Kids love playing with the KixFriction and adults will too. Don’t forget, the KixFriction is an official size soccer ball that’s regulation weight. This means it kicks, heads, and bounces just like a normal soccer ball. Our customers tell us it’s one of the best soccer balls on the market.


The KixFriction’s versatile design means it’s not just a soccer kick trainer. I also makes it the perfect street soccer ball. It won’t roll away like others. The added grip also makes it great for juggling and "freestyle" tricks. Bottom line, the KixFriction is a must have addition to your soccer training gear. We dare you to fine a better soccer trainer or street ball.

  • The revolutionary design helps players develop ball control, juggling agility, crisp passing, and solid ball striking; unlike any soccer trainer out there. - One of the best soccer balls on the market
  • Can’t get to the field? Too hot outside? No problem. The KixFriction helps improve soccer skills on all surfaces because it plays just like grass. - Great indoors & out.
  • This soccer training ball is built to last. - Hand sewn synthetic TPU leather maximizes durability; built to withstand the harshest play without sacrificing touch and feel - These are not cheap soccer balls (1 year warranty)
  • Awesome street soccer ball too; the fins limit rolling and help protect the ball. This helps keep players engaged and safe. - Official size soccer ball
  • Add the Kixfriction to your soccer training equipment arsenal; you won't regret it. NOTE: All of our soccer balls are shipped deflated. See below for details.
  • Construction - 32 Panel design for maximum shape retention
  • Fins - Durable butyl natural rubber will last the life of the ball
  • Stitching - Hand sewn with 5-ply twisted polyester cord for maximum durability
  • Cover - PU casing provide durability and minimizes moisture absorption
  • Backing - Cotton/polyester backing improves durability and touch
  • Bladder - 100% natural latex bladder provides match level performance
  • Official size and weight
  • Available in size 4 (Ages 9-12) and 5 (Ages 12+)
  • Available Neon Green, Black TireX 


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