About Us

Kixsports is a new sporting goods brand.  We develop, manufacture and sell innovative sports gear.  Our product line is a mix of both conventional and our own patented gear. We now focus on soccer-related products and will expand to other sports as we grow.

We differentiate our products by offering only high quality with compelling designs at the most competitive prices.  We are able to provide incredible value to customers because we invest in customer service and product improvement rather than advertised image.

More skillful players demand better equipment.  Kixsports’ mission is to be the leader in supplying excellent gear at the most competitive price.  This approach is establishing our brand as a leading source of high quality sporting goods. 

Team sales   
In addition to our retail sales we sell direct to clubs and teams.  We can tailor our products to your organization’s needs at a great price even in relatively low volumes.   Please contact us with any questions and for team sales at info@kixsports.com

Career and Business Opportunities
Kixsports is seeking sales representatives with substantial experience selling to soccer organizations.

(844) 240-5677


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