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Melior Ball Team 24 Pack - 50% OFF

$ 240.00

Save 50% when you purchase a 24 pack of our hand-sewn Melior soccer balls. Designed to provide the touch and feel that every player deserves with the durability to stand up to your everyday training.

  • Construction - 32 Panel design for maximum shape retention
  • Stitching - Hand sewn with 5-ply twisted polyester cord for maximum durability
  • Casing - Polyurethane (PU) casing provide durability and minimizes moisture absorption
  • Backing - Cotton/polyester backing improves durability and touch
  • Bladder - Butyl latex bladder gives longer air retention while providing better responsiveness
  • Pattern - Black and gold rings help read the ball better in flight and identify spin
  • Official size and weight

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